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Key Facts - Alpenheat vs. The Other Brands

Our Technical Director has been with the company since the 90’s and is responsible for new developments and designs and has an extensive electrical design background. We created our battery heated clothing in collaboration with the medical university in Graz, and we continue to innovate new ideas with our team's extensive electrical design background.
We developed the heating area of our jacket to warm exactly when the body needs it. The purpose of a heated clothing garment is to increase the blood circulation and have a warm feeling. Too much warmth and at the wrong positions will cause you to sweat which cools down your body even more. Not a good idea when you want to enjoy the outdoors on cold, refreshing days. Our range of heated clothing for skiing, snowboarding, hunting and hiking guarantees you maximum protection for your adventure.

We give you the best heated apparel which are designed to direct heat to the right places and made with durable materials. Our products, no matter what heated garment you decide to use, are far superior in technical design, style, appearance and comfort.

Alpenheat NA battery heated clothing is powered with high capacity batteries designed for cold temperature use. Our industrial batteries are also used for military purposes and are made for extreme cold temperature weather. Other companies' heated products use batteries that are not designed for the cold which limits the battery life and charge capacity. Most heating products to be used with a USB power bank on the market are not designed for cold weather, but for use at temperatures above +20°C (68 F). Products that use AA batteries, these standard batteries available in stores are not for cold conditions but for use at +20°C (68 F).

Expanding the product range has always been an important and central focus for ALPENHEAT. The wealth of experience from our innovative team has put us at the forefront of developing novel designs for all forms of heated apparel like battery heated clothing for skiing, snowboarding, hunting and hiking.

If you are indulging in long walks outside, attending sports games or gatherings in the autumn or winter, our heated apparel such as vests, gloves, socks, pants and other heated items are designed to fit your lifestyle. Don’t worry about your pet on these cold days because we have heated items for them to enjoy. After retiring from a long cold day or night, our boot dryers and heaters get you ready for your next adventure.

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We have the best heated apparel for all your winter needs! Our battery heated clothing is your best bet to keep your entire body warm and cozy. Shop Now!

Boot dryers
Fast and efficient, suitable for drying your wet boots, gloves, and more. Our boot dryers reduce odor, kill bacteria,  and preserve your footwear's hygiene without damage. Its quiet,  portable, and   perfect for  day trips or vacations.

Boot heaters
Protect your feet from freezing with Alpenheat NA boot heaters. Never worry about cold feet again with long lasting batteries that can run for hours. They are made with high-quality, water-resistant material  fit for all outdoor activities.

Heated Gloves
Alpenheat North America heated gloves are made with weatherproof and durable materials, providing the perfect insulation at the perfect temperature.  Enjoy total coverage for your fingers with touch-screen compatible material to keep your phone accessible. The touchscreen-compatible material allows you to answer calls, send texts or surf the web while the snow is falling.

Heated Socks
Alpenheat NA heated socks are made with soft materials for  long-lasting and comfortable warmth. They come in different sizes and temperature settings to keep the feet at a comfortable body temperature even in the coldest weather.

Heated Clothing
Need the perfect clothing for all your winter adventures? Check out our wide range of heated clothing for hunting and hiking. Our selection of high quality battery heated clothing will keep you cozy and warm during  all your outdoor activities.

Heated Products
We have the perfect items for cold days. Find that cozy cushion for your favorite pet or the  perfect winter gift for your closest friend. Our wide range of heated products will serve all of your friends’ and family’s winter needs.

Shoe Spikes
Alpenheat North America shoe spikes improve traction on ice and snow to offer maximum protection against  slips and falls. Flexible and lightweight, easy to carry, and  an easy fit on all different shoe types.