Heated Clothing

Get Alpenheat Heated Clothing and Stay Warm in the Coldest of Weather!

You shouldn’t grant winter the win this year. Show this cold, snowy season that you’re the boss by adding the right armor to your arsenal. The armor, in this case, is Alpenheat heated clothing.

Our selection of battery powered heated vests comes with a specially designed thermal fabric heat cell system. This system delivers the right amount of heat needed to keep you warm all winter long.

The best thing is that you don’t have to wear several bulky layers to stay warm. Alpenheat rechargeable heated vests remain comfortable on their own as well as underneath a jacket or coat. The soft, comfortable, and warm insulation material is light and highly breathable. It also has excellent moisture and temperature regulation. One look at the electric heated vest, and you will notice the stretch polyester material on the sides. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about movement hindrances.

Do you feel insecure about the level of heat supply? Then, No need to worry because our electric heated vests have 5 different heat settings. You can easily regulate the desired temperature with a simple touch of the push button provided on the battery pack.

Once you turn on the battery powered heated vest, you can be sure of instant warmth This blissful warmth lasts between 2.5 to 7.5 hours. The fact that you’re getting a rechargeable heated vest throws the excitement up a significant notch.

Our heated vest with a battery pack features a battery level indicator. This indicator helps you monitor the amount of power you have left. With high-power rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, your battery powered heated vest will never leave you cold. The Alpenheat Universal battery recharger allows you to recharge the battery for approximately four hours.

The Alpenheat heated underpants are another fantastic heated product that keeps you warm during cold weather. The right-hand pocket holds the battery pack, which supplies heat for a duration of 3 to 5 hours, depending on the heat setting. A push-button switch is also available on the underpants’ waistband to facilitate heat regulation. There are 3 heat settings available for the heated underpants to keep you warm and comfortable. Our heated underpants are designed to allow you to wear under trousers, ski pants, and jeans.

The remarkable advantage of the electric heated vest and the heated underpants is that they are adaptable to everyday life. You can wear these heated clothes for your daily activity or during any sporting activity.

Why You Should Use Alpenheat Heated Clothing

  • High-performance rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are available.
  • Various temperature settings are available depending on individual clothing.
  • Superior battery life.
  • Comes in flexible, breathable, and durable materials for optimum comfort.
  • Stylish and sporty design, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Extremely versatile for different conditions.

Whenever you think “Cold,” think Alpenheat. Conquer the cold with Alpenheat Heated Clothing today!