Heated Socks

Get Alpenheat Socks for Warm and Cozy Feet in the Coldest Conditions!

 Alpenheat Socks give you the best next-level foot-warming technology with convenience, functionality, and comfort for both men and women. 

Our selection of Battery Heated Socks come with high-performance rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that keep your feet warm and dry for hours. They are the perfect choice for those working long hours out in the winter season.

The socks are made from a thick and breathable material, comfortable to wear, and available in different sizes. Alpenheat Socks are multipurpose and used for a range of activities. Our Heated Socks for Hunting will provide warmth for your feet and not inhibit mobility for all your hunting and fishing trips in the coldest times. Do you worry about cold feet detering you from embarking on fun activities and adventure? Just go out with a pair of our Heated Socks for Hiking on your feet to keep them insulated. They provide maximum protection for your feet and enable you to enjoy your favorite outdoor hobbies comfortably, even in tough conditions.

The temperature control of our Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks have 3-heat settings, which allows you to adjust the heat levels to high, medium, or low based on your preference. They are made with breathable material and charged with a USB cable or plugged into a household power source. You won’t have to keep buying replacement batteries like the competition which saves you money. The battery packs are compact and do not add extra weight to your feet. We have the best Battery Powered Socks in various sizes, to help  you find the right fit that will hug your fit.

We prioritize comfort; thus, our heated socks are made with the best fabrics. They are made of cotton, spandex, and elastic to absorb moisture and retain warmth. Keep cold feet at bay with our high-quality Heated Wool Socks made from soft materials to provide heat to your feet.

Our heated socks are made with a special copper thread woven into the material, which prevents odors, impedes bacteria growth, and increases the life cycle of the socks. You do not have to worry about smelly or itchy feet.

Our Battery Heated Socks also come with remote control, so you don’t have to reach down to adjust the temperature settings constantly. The heating element in our Battery Heated Socks is under the toes and powered by compact batteries to protect your feet from the cold.

Why You Should Use Alpenheat Socks

  • Three temperature settings are available, with remote control for easy adjustment.
  • High-performance Lithium-ion batteries powered heated socks.
  • They are made with durable materials for optimum comfort.
  • Guaranteed protection from cold feet during outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, climbing, or snowboarding.
  • Superior battery life.
  • A unique copper thread woven into the material prevents odor and stops bacteria growth.

Alpenheat Socks: Ultimate Socks That Provide Quality, Warmth and Comfort For Your Feet!

For technologically advanced and convenient heated socks, shop Alpenheat Socks Now!